A way forward to health

As we move to the next stage in the easing of lock down, the focus falls towards improving health, to be better equipped to handle illness and avoid diseases that come from a sedentary lifestyle, the question of the best way to do this arises.

Is CrossFit a good choice ?

Am I ready for CrossFit it looks intense ?

I’ll lay out some things that will help you better understand CrossFit Bad Bear and how to get the most from it, wether your thinking about beginning, or if you’ve been doing it a while and want to get more from it.

So where does CrossFit start ?


That’s right, CrossFit starts in the kitchen.

The importance of feeding the Body with high quality, nutritious food, cannot be over looked. CrossFit has laid it out as simple as this.

The short answer: Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.

So how would that look 👀

Food quality

Food quantity

Meal timing

Is there a perfect formula for this ? No definitely not. we all like different foods and we all have different lifestyles that will require more or less food and in different ratios.

So how do I work that out 🤔

One of the easiest ways is to use one of the current active tracking watches to get a baseline of Calorie requirements.

If you can’t access one of these then an online calculator ( https://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html ) can give you somewhere to start, but, you’ll need to adjust things as you see how things go.

This is important in all aspects, you must be flexible and have patience to gain results.

I burn around 3000 calories a day as I’m active and 6ft 2inches weighing 90Kg

On days I train this will be 3500+ sometimes over 4000

My day might look like this:


6 scrambled eggs

20g of butter

250ml glass of bolt from the blue fruit juice and coconut water

Himalayan pink salt

3000iu vit d

Centrum men multivitamin


350g sweet potato

2 chicken breasts

100g red onion

150g of mixed bell peppers ( fried in the pan with the chicken in butter)

20g of butter

Himalayan pink salt


350g Sweet potato

30g butter

2 cod fillets

Himalayan pink salt


1/2 a bar Green and black mint dark chocolate

2 Delmonte 100% orange ice lollies

Bowl of porridge with oat milk.

I’ll drink 3 litres+ of water and a few cups of tea.

That’s 2837 calories with 40-40-20 carbs fat and protein ratio, this allows me room for an extra snack or bigger portions if my hunger is higher.

This is just one example of a day for me.

This is a very personal number and yours will likely be very different.


This is where we apply CrossFits methodology of

: Constantly varied

: High intensity

: Functional movements

Constantly varied:

This is in both movements and measure, you might do something for a set amount of time or a set amount of work, you will use movements that are adapted to your ability with an aim to progress to more advanced movements. you use body weight , bars , dumbells , wallballs and many others so the body is always adapting and getting better.

High intensity:

this bit is usually what people get a bit worried about. high intensity is relative to you personally, you might need to reduce the reps, scale the movements or rest longer between rounds or reps and that’s ok, that’s how you improve, by properly scaling and progressing from there. So the goal is to do the work at a level that is hard enough to cause the body to adapt, while appropriately scaling to get the highest personal intensity.


This is a broad concept but has a base in human movements like the squat, press, lift, run, crawl , jump and carry.

To fully benefit from training from a health aspect all these movements should be incorporated into a training program in as many variations as possible.


Another broad term, this doesn’t mean training like a competitive gymnast but rather working to gain the ability to use your own body in the way it’s meant to be used. the definition of gymnastics is : exercise developing or displaying physical agility and coordination.

Jumping , pull ups , headstands , handstands and all the progressions towards these movements.


For this, we often use barbells and work towards developing the Squat , press , deadlift , snatch and clean and Jerk. all these movements take time, thoughtful practice and commitment to understanding how the body works to improve this aspect. start with a bar and add weight as the body allows.


In either the sport of CrossFit, or in your chosen sport ( football, running , cycling)

The base should be built from nutrition up, sport should be the expression of fitness gained through diet and training. it should be the end result of training, not something you do to get fit.

So, that’s a bit of a break down and hopefully helps people better understand what we expect at CrossFit Bad Bear. An open and inclusive community were you work from were you are, to become better. CrossFit is a precipitation for health so why would you not want to be part of something that will improve your ability to avoid and fight disease.

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