Head Coach Damian Mc Greevy Damian holds CrossFit level 1 and level 2 ,reps level 2 and level 3 and has been coaching for around 10 years now. His background comes from a life of facing adversity

At the age of 9 he developed migraines that would cause temporary blindness accompanied by extreme vertigo which could last up to 2 weeks.

At 11 he developed epilepsy which lasted right through his teens and at 14 he had viral meningitis

In 2010 at 30 years old he was diagnosed with stage 4bs unfavourable Hodgkin’s lymphoma blood cancer

During the 6months of chemotherapy Damian received he also developed blood clots some of which were in his right lung.

So if you imagine your sore knee is holding you back or you wonder how could you do all that stuff Damian is living proof that if you just gather yourself up and give it a go you’ll do more than you could ever believe.

Damian ran 30miles on his 30th birthday while suffering from stage 4b cancer.

In 2012 he was an ambassador for Belfast City Marathon

In 2013 competed and placed 3rd out of 16 in the novice category of the NATURAL BODYBUILDING FEDERATION OF IRELANDS competition.

He has a love for the outdoors and regularly Kayaks, mountain walks, camps and fishes.

He looks at health and fitness from a natural stand point and believes that eating well and exercising vigorously is essential to human health. He believes you should train for life and then participate in it, it’s not all about abs and 1rep max lifts, it’s about feeling strong and confident in your body’s abilities.

He will push you when needed but has a first hand experience on scaling workouts to suit your level of fitness as he’s been there and will only ask you to do what you can but …….FINISH WHAT YOU START !!!!

Head Kids Coach Kat CassidyKat holds a CrossFit level 1 and the CrossFit kids course.

Kat joined us right at the start and has become a big part of the Bad Bear family.

As a kids coach she has guided both the kids and teens and helped them develop confidence in themselves and their physical abilities.

Kat has all the attributes of a great kids coach and has patience and understanding for all the kids that come through our door.

Such is her passion for what she does she has organised both a kids fun wod and Teens competition involving CrossFit affiliates from across the North that grow every year.

Kat is a keen CrossFitter and trains in CrossFit Berserk were she is also their kids coach.

this year 2018 saw Kat do her first fitness competition and she has caught the bug and has signed up for another this summer.

Boot camp coach ,kids and teens support coach and all round organiser of Bad Bear get togethers and events is Laura Mc GreevyLaura holds the CrossFit level 1

Laura is passionate about all things CrossFit and has competed in a good few competitions over the years.

She has convinced more Bad Bear members to take part in fun runs and fitness contests and without her love for taking part in these there would be very few Bad Bears putting their fitness to use.

She is the driving force behind any fun days or events that we hold and without her input Bad Bear wouldn’t be the amazing community it is.

You will find Laura assisting Kat with Kids classes ,helping with admin duties and in charge of social media for the gym.

Laura takes part in the classes along with the rest of the members.She and a few others have a regular running group who go out every weekend clocking up the miles.She pushes to her limits constantly and in doing so drives the friendly competition within the gym.

Laura has been running our successful ”boot camp” classes for well over a year now.

Laura’s love for fitness will rub off on anyone that shares a gym with her and has encouraged some boot campers to join in the main classes.